Monthly Archives: April 2012

Spring at Pathfinder Ranch

We may have finally found springtime!  Hopefully this won’t jinx us into a blizzard next week, but it feels like we’re firmly entrenched in the renaissance season of the mountains once again.  The flowers have begun to put on their show, we have a few baby goats running around at the farm, and the students here have just a little more energy than they did a few months ago.  It’s a great season to be at the ranch.

Naturalist Angie helps exercise the goats

Baby goat

One of the roles fulfilled by some of the naturalists at Pathfinder is working with the gardens.  These are here for when we have schools taking our Farms & Foods class as well as the enjoyment and education of the kids that visit the ranch in the summer.  Our team of three naturalists oversees the planning, planting, and upkeep of the greenhouse and the beds around it.  The winter months have been a bit slow for us; we’ve mostly only had some small turnips, onions, a few herbs, and a row or two of too-small-to-eat carrots in the ground.  As we get closer to our frost-free days we’re vamping up for our incoming seed order and counting how many sunny windows we have for starting some of the seeds inside.  It won’t be long before the three of us (and maybe some coerced/bribed-with-cookies volunteer co-workers) have dirt under our fingernails and a much busier schedule.

Naturalist Maddie prepares to plant

The garden will be starting just in time, too.  This past week was our final week of receiving our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box from Inland Empire CSA.  The weekly box of fruits, veggies, and herbs was an end-of-the-season gift to the naturalist staff from Pathfinder last year.  It has been a blast finding ways to prepare and consume all the greens and citrus each week as well as the occasional avocados, carrots, and persimmons.  Mmm!  Homemade lemon bars anyone?  Yes, please and thank you!

Hopefully the spring season is treating each of you equally well.  Enjoy the weather and we’ll see you back here on the Pathfinder blog before too long!