Monthly Archives: May 2012

Changing Seasons

This post needs to start out by letting you know that the last blog post did jinx the weather.  That weekend Pathfinder got six inches of snow!  Go figure, right?  Hopefully that didn’t ruin anybody’s weekend plans.

Since then we’ve had plenty of warm weather.  It has been basically just sunshine almost the entire time which has been great!  While the ranch didn’t get as much rain this spring as it normally does, it was enough to bring out the wildflowers.  Many of the plants are familiar but there always seem to be a few that have yet to be identified when they unveil their blooms.  The botany geeks here are loving it!

Mountain Goat teaching about the garden

Amazingly, this is already the last week of the season for those of us working with the outdoor education program.  Seriously, where did the time go?  While we will miss being here at the ranch there are plenty of adventures waiting for us this summer.  Some of the summer destinations include Wyoming, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Virginia, and even Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands!   Hopefully there will be some good stories to share when we return in the fall.

Our new chicken tractor

Amidst packing up the class supplies and cleaning instruction spaces there are still plenty of other activities going on around here.  The garden continues to grow (with plants and space!) and the baby goats are almost as big as their mothers.  The amazing maintenance crew at the ranch is also going full speed preparing for summer camp and you know what that means…  Getting the pool ready!  It’s not quite prepared for swimmers yet but maybe, just maybe, the naturalists will get to celebrate the end of the season with a dip in the pool.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Our newest garden addition: A spiral herb garden

It has been a great season and we’ve gotten to meet a lot of very cool students this year.  On behalf of the outdoor education staff at Pathfinder we want to say thanks to all who came to visit for an excellent school year.  We’ve had a blast climbing on rocks, holding herps, traversing trails, and investigating insects with you.  It is our sincere hope that you have enjoyed being here as much as we’ve enjoying working with you.  If you weren’t one of the students here this past year then we can’t wait to meet you somewhere down the road.  Have a wonderful summer and we’ll see you this fall!