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End of the School Year

As our outdoor education season here at Pathfinder Ranch has drawn to a close, it’s hard not to reflect back on what we’ve done over the past year. How does one sum everything up and give thanks to all of the many people and other animals who made it all possible? We can try numbers:

4697 Amazing Students                                      17 Crazy Naturalists

643 Awesome Adult Chaperones                         16 Hard-working horses

232 Dedicated Teachers                                      37 Fun-filled Weeks

63 Fabulous Schools                                          1 Perfect Mountain Home

But that doesn’t really seem to capture what happens here at Pathfinder. Maybe if we think on some of the more memorable things we overheard students saying.…

“The nature takes care of us; that’s why we have to care.”

“Nature peeing is the best peeing.”

“At Pathfinder, I realized that nature is amusing, and interacting with it can be fun.”

“We should go back to riding horses everywhere instead of driving cars. It’s better for the environment…and more fun.”

“Wait…you guys live here?! This is a job?!”

“I think we could fix the whole world if everyone came here.”

“I thought that learning about plants would be kinda lame, but it’s actually really cool!”

“Nature can be peaceful.”

Closer, but still not quite the whole picture….

Students exploring our archaeological dig site on a beautiful day!

Students exploring our archaeological dig site on a beautiful day at Pathfinder Ranch!

There. Perhaps a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Have a great summer everyone! Summer camp has taken over the ranch, but the outdoor education staff will return in the fall!