Monthly Archives: December 2015

Winter is Coming

Another sensational season of outdoor education here at Pathfinder Ranch is coming to an end. We would like to extend a mountainous amount of gratitude to our students, chaperones, and teachers who made this program possible.  This season we reached approximately 2,400 students from 29 schools.

This season has been full of exciting new additions and continuing traditions. Teachers and students have enjoyed our new catapult evening program, where students practice their engineering skills to build weapons to fight ferocious dragons.   Meher Montessori gave us the opportunity to teach our newest class, Farm Energetics, which is the study of energy transfer focusing on farms and food.  Free time has also gotten a face lift.  Thanks to our fantastic donors, the Rock and Rec room has a new foosball table, a new basketball free throw game, and lots of new board games and books.  Pathfinder Ranch also has a new program where students can learn about weather.  Now, we are prepared for any storms that El Nino might throw our way. With all of these new changes we’re still maintaining our old traditions and keeping the culture of Pathfinder Ranch alive.

We would like to thank all of our schools who attended this Fall, and wish them Happy Holidays. To all of the schools joining us in the Winter and Spring, we are looking forward to seeing you!

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