Pathfinder Picnic

Caramel Apples

These caramel apples were to die for.

Despite gusts of up to 30mph, the Palm Springs Pathfinders trekked up the mountain to enjoy a day full of recreation and great food. The Pathfinder Picnic is held annually to honor and thank the Palm Springs Pathfinders, a women’s group that helped establish and continues to support Pathfinder Ranch. The Pathfinders and their families had the opportunity to participate in archery, canoeing, climbing and horseback rides. We are pleased that they were able to come to the ranch to connect with our staff and experience some of the activities that we offer to our students. The dining hall provided delicious BBQ on tables decorated with re-purposed materials and compostable table cloths to enforce our environmentally friendly mission. The caramel apples were quite the hit! We are excited to share how much Pathfinder Ranch has grown and look forward to seeing our friends next year!’



A beautiful, eco-concious, table arrangement


The kitchen staff stole the show with the delicious meal that they prepared


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