“So Long and Thanks For All the Fish!”*

We have arrived at the end of another exciting season here at Pathfinder Ranch! From January to June we have had 4,480 students from 41 schools join us here at Pathfinder Ranch. Our students and staff have had an amazing time learning and experiencing nature through hiking and climbing (some even through the snow and rain) and much more!

In other news, we have had a new animal join us this spring named Guibo!  Guibo is a 20 year old donkey from a farm out in Julian.  He is able to pull a small cart and has participated in the Rose Parade 10 years in a row.  Guibo has been having a great time getting to know all our students, staff, and even the other animals.


Look at this adorable face!

Earlier in the spring Pathfinder also welcomed a new clutch of chicks to the farm. Students and staff got to watch the chicks grow from tiny, fluffy, and round, to full grown chickens!


They grow up so fast! First day at the ranch, February 10th.


All grown up, May, 24th.


Just a few days later…









We at Pathfinder Ranch would like to thank all of our students, chaperones, and teachers for such an amazing season. We hope that everyone has a great last few weeks of school and enjoys their summer vacation.


See you down the trail!

Pathfinder Ranch Staff

* Title quote from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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