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The end is here…

It’s that time of the year again folks! Our Outdoor Education season has coming to a close. While it been sad to say goodbye to all of the Naturalists and staff, we are proud to look back and remember all the differences we’ve made in kid’s lives this season. In fact, taking a look at some statistics, we have had….

5436 Amazing Students          11 Crazy Naturalists

274 Awesome Adult Chaperones          16 Hard-working Horses

706  Dedicated Teachers          37 Fun-filled Weeks

67 Fabulous Schools           1 Perfect Mountain Home

 …but even that doesn’t seem to capture it. I guess you will just have to see what we are talking about in person. Come join us for a fun-filled week of summer camp! Or bring the whole family for a Saturday afternoon of adventure at a round-up! Check out our website and Facebook page to stay up to date on all the great ways you can stay in touch with Pathfinder Ranch. Until we meet again, keep enjoying nature!


Winter Reflections

Tracks in the snow

Tracks in the snow

After three fun-filled weeks of training, school groups, and classes, it’s hard to believe that winter break was less than a month ago! As January comes to a close, we have been reflecting on how important it is to step away, and how exciting it is to come back.

Frosty sage and a frozen lake

Frosty sage and a frozen lake

Our staff comes from all over, and when we closed for the holidays, we spread out to every corner of the United States. Naturalists could be found frolicking in the forests of Vermont, snow-shoeing in Montana, reuniting with their dogs in Texas, spending family time in Washington, and even road-tripping through the Midwest. Those who relaxed up here at the ranch were able to witness something exciting, too – the first snow of the season! Whether watched through a window with hot cocoa in hand, or caught on tongues and rolled around in, the snow was enjoyed by everyone lucky enough to see it, and pictures were sent to those of us who were too far away.

No matter where we spent our break or what we spent time doing, a common thread between us all was the time spent with family and friends. Living a wanderer’s life, it is so wonderful to have the opportunity to wander back to the people we love, even just for a week or two. That time spent away from work, reflecting on our lives, friendships, and growth, was truly a blessing. It was a nice reminder that no matter how long you are away, you can always go back home.

We hope everyone had a happy holiday season! Whether you spent it on a faraway adventure or snuggled up in your living room, we hope you spent some time reflecting and celebrating with the people who matter the most.

Happy winter, from our family to yours!

Seasons Greetings