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CSA’s and Spring Garden Time

Hello again from Pathfinder Ranch! Now that spring has sprung on the mountain, we wanted to take a moment to tell you all about some ways to get involved with your local community and get some great food while you’re at it. While Farmers Markets have risen in popularity the past few years, most people don’t know there is another way to get farm fresh produce and meat.

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a perfect way to get to know and directly support your local farmers. Farms that offer a CSA will usually have a “box” filled with that week’s harvest. Depending on the farm, there may be produce, meat, or even processed products. Buying directly from the farm is cheaper for both you and the farmers as products sold at farmers markets have to be priced up to cover the cost of staffing the stall and renting the space.

Here is a list of some of our local farms that offer a CSA. If these are not convenient to you, look for a CSA in your area!

When students visit the garden in the spring, they havee the opportunity to help out by planting seeds or transplanting seedlings.

When students visit the garden in the spring, they have the opportunity to help out by planting seeds or transplanting seedlings.

Every summer brings a bountiful crop of tomatillos at Pathfinder Ranch.

Every summer brings a bountiful crop of tomatillos at Pathfinder Ranch.


Inland Empire CSA – a partnership between Sage Mountain Farm and De Luz Farms

Sage Mountain Farm – produce and beef

Primal Pastures – lamb, beef, pork, chicken, eggs, fish, and honey

Da-Le Ranch – many different types of meat


Meanwhile at Pathfinder we are connecting with our food by planting it for ourselves! The garden is currently producing Brussel’s sprouts, lettuce and carrots from the winter, but in the high tunnel we are gearing up for a delicious and colorful summer. The students are helping us by seeding and transplanting melons, beans, and California Poppies among many other things. We hope a little time here in our garden will inspire our guests to go home and grow food and flowers for themselves!!

Pathfinder Additions

Hello there! Just like the recent weather changes from hail flurries one week to highs in the 70s the next, Pathfinder Ranch has also been constantly changing with new additions and improvements happening every day.

One of the additions that we are most excited about is our brand new climbing wall structure and zip line! The climbing wall structure has been getting lots of use from our school groups. The students love trying the new routes and obstacles on the different walls. There are now three sides that have been named after places here in California that our Naturalists like to hike and/or rock climb– Taquitz, Joshua Tree, and Yosemite.

Here's a student climbing the Joshua Tree wall!

Here’s a student climbing the Joshua Tree wall!

Climbers going up two of the three sides on our new climbing wall structure!

Climbers going up two of the three sides on our new climbing wall structure!








Along with the climbing wall we have added two new zip lines! Although the zip lines are not ready for this spring’s school groups, we are planning on having them ready for Adventure Camp (June 23-28) this summer. Come and join us for six days of climbing, hiking, explorations, and other fun adventures. Don’t forget about our summer camp (spots are filling quickly so email or call our office for openings), and the fun we’ll be having with all of these amazing additions!

Our albino kingsnake, Cleopatra, is getting some quality attention from the staff.

Our albino kingsnake, Cleopatra, is getting some quality attention from the staff.


We also have a new living addition, Cleopatra (Albino Kingsnake), to our Nature Center.  She is doing well adjusting to her new home. She is still very young and is getting used to all of the love the Naturalists are giving her. We can’t get enough of little Cleo!


We have our fingers crossed that turkey chicks will hatch and add to our flock at the farm! Our mama turkey, Jenny, is currently sitting on the eggs she laid. The eggs are slightly larger than chicken eggs, are brown in color and have dark brown specks. Stay tuned via Facebook and our blog to see if the eggs hatch into cute baby turkey chicks!

Here's "Jenny," our female turkey who laid these eggs.

Here’s “Jenny,” our female turkey who laid these eggs.

So many turkey eggs...hopefully they hatch!

So many turkey eggs…hopefully they hatch!










Hope spring finds all of you well and excited for summer!

See you down the trail,

Pathfinder Ranch Naturalists

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is just around the corner, and like the plants that are being reborn all around Pathfinder, the garden is getting revitalized, too! Spring cleaning has begun and the garden is getting a fresh make-over.

New garden look!

New garden look!


All hands are on deck as Pathfinder gets ready for the warm weather and 50th year celebration in April. Maintenance began a project in the front lobby to try and get some plants growing even earlier than the cold would allow; and it worked! Live in a cold place, or have soil with little to no nutrients? Check out our experimental hydroponics system. Hydroponics doesn’t require soil. Instead, the plants are placed in plastic containers (drill holes through the sides and bottom) that are filled with shredded coconut medium, which absorbs water and nutrients from the water basin that it’s submerged in. We used an old plastic bin, recycled yogurt containers, an aquarium pump, and 6 gallons of purified water. Instead of daily watering, with hydroponics you can simply add 1 gallon of water every two weeks!

Insides of our hydroponics system.

Insides of our hydroponics system.

Experimental hydroponics in our office lobby.

Experimental hydroponics in our office lobby.







Not only can plants grow year round when protected from the elements outside, but you can also save both space and water! In our experiment, the basil is flourishing but our spinach is not. Try it at home and post the results of your own hydroponics system on our Facebook page. We’d sure love to know!

Another project a few Naturalists have been working on is our compost. As the weather gets warmer, and we want to grow many more things than will fit in our hydroponics system, we need soil for our plants to thrive in. As old plant matter breaks down, it creates fertile soil which you can use for planting. This decomposition harnesses the power of the circle of life. Why buy something you normally just throw away each day? Use those food scraps and start your own compost. Your garden will love you for it!

Covered compost pile.

Covered compost pile.

Chickens rummaging through our compost.

Chickens rummaging through our compost.







Have you ever composted before? If not, here are a few tips from our resident garden expert, Rain:

1. Dig your compost pile down at least a few inches. This makes the pile easier to turn and keeps heat in. Keeping the pile warmer will produce soil sooner.

2. Cover your compost. Again, this keeps it nice and warm which breaks down material faster. This also helps to keep unwanted critters away.

3. Turn your compost. There are plenty of fun ways to do this, including rolling it around in an old trash can! The reason is simple..all those microbes and other organisms like earthworms that help the food turn to soil need the help of oxygen.

4. Add nearly everything! Add any food waste that comes from plants: bread, veggies, fruit cores and peels, pasta, french fries, coffee grinds, tomato sauce, leaves and twigs, and even old paper, napkins, and tea bags! (Did you know it takes less energy for the paper to break down in the compost than to be recycled into new paper? Plus this added carbon helps the compost to be more nutritious and less smelly!)

Revitalized garden beds.

Revitalized garden beds.

New projects are springing forward to make this year’s garden the most beautiful and bountiful yet! We’ve had some amazing 4th-6th grade gardeners already come and help plant many new crops. How about you? This spring you too could revitalize that little plot of green space or an empty windowsill into a lean, mean food producing machine!


Thanks for reading,

Your Pathfinder Ranch Naturalists and Staff

Lizards and Pythons and Birds, Oh my! Spring is in the Air at Pathfinder.

Ball Python Gwar at Pathfinder Ranch

Hello Friends,

We’ve been having an incredible time at Pathfinder Ranch!  With our 7 inches of snow, some students created some snow herps (like snowmen but in the shapes of turtles, lizards, and other reptiles/amphibians) before meeting our very own reptiles in the Nature Center!  Here is one of our ball python friends, Gwar, and Dandelion.  Some snakes have special organs called heat pits along their lips to sense body heat.  Gwar uses his heat pits to hunt his warm-blooded (endothermic) prey, which are usually rats.

If you’re interested in learning more about reptiles like Gwar you can ask your family to subscribe to Reptile Times’ FREE online magazine!  Fun facts about Reptiles will be sent to your parent/guardian’s email.  Check out their webpage:


Birds Galore!  We’ve been hearing some acorn woodpeckers pecking away at our tall jeffrey pine trees (they are the ones that smell like butterscotch or chocolate!).  One of our new naturalists, Hummingbird, snapped a great photo of one in the forest.

Spring is in the air, two male western bluebirds have been fighting over a female by the climbing wall lately.  They are beautiful blue-colored birds that hop from the ground to low perches.  We will have to start looking out for nests!

Not only is spring in the air, but summer is looming on the horizon. Do you have summer plans? Check out our Summer Camp!  There are still openings from July 22 to August 17, 2013.  Summer Camp is only $325 per student for the whole week of hiking, canoeing, yummy food, sleeping in cabins, and having a blast with friends, new and old!

Call to sign up or find out more details:  951.659.2455