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Pathfinder Additions

Hello there! Just like the recent weather changes from hail flurries one week to highs in the 70s the next, Pathfinder Ranch has also been constantly changing with new additions and improvements happening every day.

One of the additions that we are most excited about is our brand new climbing wall structure and zip line! The climbing wall structure has been getting lots of use from our school groups. The students love trying the new routes and obstacles on the different walls. There are now three sides that have been named after places here in California that our Naturalists like to hike and/or rock climb– Taquitz, Joshua Tree, and Yosemite.

Here's a student climbing the Joshua Tree wall!

Here’s a student climbing the Joshua Tree wall!

Climbers going up two of the three sides on our new climbing wall structure!

Climbers going up two of the three sides on our new climbing wall structure!








Along with the climbing wall we have added two new zip lines! Although the zip lines are not ready for this spring’s school groups, we are planning on having them ready for Adventure Camp (June 23-28) this summer. Come and join us for six days of climbing, hiking, explorations, and other fun adventures. Don’t forget about our summer camp (spots are filling quickly so email or call our office for openings), and the fun we’ll be having with all of these amazing additions!

Our albino kingsnake, Cleopatra, is getting some quality attention from the staff.

Our albino kingsnake, Cleopatra, is getting some quality attention from the staff.


We also have a new living addition, Cleopatra (Albino Kingsnake), to our Nature Center.  She is doing well adjusting to her new home. She is still very young and is getting used to all of the love the Naturalists are giving her. We can’t get enough of little Cleo!


We have our fingers crossed that turkey chicks will hatch and add to our flock at the farm! Our mama turkey, Jenny, is currently sitting on the eggs she laid. The eggs are slightly larger than chicken eggs, are brown in color and have dark brown specks. Stay tuned via Facebook and our blog to see if the eggs hatch into cute baby turkey chicks!

Here's "Jenny," our female turkey who laid these eggs.

Here’s “Jenny,” our female turkey who laid these eggs.

So many turkey eggs...hopefully they hatch!

So many turkey eggs…hopefully they hatch!










Hope spring finds all of you well and excited for summer!

See you down the trail,

Pathfinder Ranch Naturalists

Pathfinder Animals are Eating their Greens!

The springtime sunshine and rain showers have helped our plants and grass grow tall and green.  The animals (and Naturalists) have many tasty greens to eat from the garden!


The horses have been enjoying their lush, green pasture to nibble on.  Lucas, one of our older horses, has his own special “snack bar,” next to to feeding troughs.


In the Nature Center, the snakes have been shedding their scales and the box turtles have been busy nibbling on their lettuce leaves.  Kelso, our Desert Tortiose, has been splashing around in his Vitamin C bath after munching on his leafy greens!

Lizards and Pythons and Birds, Oh my! Spring is in the Air at Pathfinder.

Ball Python Gwar at Pathfinder Ranch

Hello Friends,

We’ve been having an incredible time at Pathfinder Ranch!  With our 7 inches of snow, some students created some snow herps (like snowmen but in the shapes of turtles, lizards, and other reptiles/amphibians) before meeting our very own reptiles in the Nature Center!  Here is one of our ball python friends, Gwar, and Dandelion.  Some snakes have special organs called heat pits along their lips to sense body heat.  Gwar uses his heat pits to hunt his warm-blooded (endothermic) prey, which are usually rats.

If you’re interested in learning more about reptiles like Gwar you can ask your family to subscribe to Reptile Times’ FREE online magazine!  Fun facts about Reptiles will be sent to your parent/guardian’s email.  Check out their webpage:


Birds Galore!  We’ve been hearing some acorn woodpeckers pecking away at our tall jeffrey pine trees (they are the ones that smell like butterscotch or chocolate!).  One of our new naturalists, Hummingbird, snapped a great photo of one in the forest.

Spring is in the air, two male western bluebirds have been fighting over a female by the climbing wall lately.  They are beautiful blue-colored birds that hop from the ground to low perches.  We will have to start looking out for nests!

Not only is spring in the air, but summer is looming on the horizon. Do you have summer plans? Check out our Summer Camp!  There are still openings from July 22 to August 17, 2013.  Summer Camp is only $325 per student for the whole week of hiking, canoeing, yummy food, sleeping in cabins, and having a blast with friends, new and old!

Call to sign up or find out more details:  951.659.2455